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Website Demos

Creating orders

Creating Orders

Duration xx:xx
Learn how to add items to your shopping cart from Product Search, Product Categories the A-Z Index and other tools.
Browsing the catalog

Browsing the Catalog

Duration xx:xx
Learn how to browse the on-line catalog from our Office Supplies, Furniture and Technology categories.
Quick order entry

Quick Order Entry

Duration xx:xx
Perform quick order entries by watching this quick demo of the Order by Item number feature.
Quick search

Quick Search

Duration xx:xx
Conduct a quick search for products by learning to harness our most powerful shopping tool.
My shopping lists

My Shopping Lists

Duration xx:xx
This simulation will show you how to create a new shopping list.
Modifying Lists

Modifying Lists

Duration xx:xx
Learn how to modify a shopping list, add and remove items from your shopping cart, and delete an entire shopping list.


Duration xx:xx
Choose the right product for you by learning to use our comparison feature.
Insufficient quantity

Insufficient Quantity

Duration xx:xx
This demo will show you the options available when ordering items that have insufficient quantities.
Confirming orders

Confirming Orders

Duration xx:xx
Learn to confirm and complete your order from three pages: Shopping Cart, Checkout and Order Confirmation.
Order history

Order History Tracking

Duration xx:xx
This simulation will show you how to check the status of your order.
Account settings

Set Modify Account Settings

Duration xx:xx
Learn how to view and edit your user profile and account settings under the My Account section of the website.
User profiles

User Profiles

Duration xx:xx
The features in this demo apply to Super Users only. Learn how to Manage account information and add and edit users.
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